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Our A.I. technology finds you the perfect property or provides you an instant home value in seconds.

Home Selling System

We treat every home as our own

  • Search System
  • Experience
  • Home Evalutation
  • Staging
  • Moving
  • Real Estate Financial Plan


  • Patented A.I. Technology
  • 30+ Years
  • Free


  • Standard Search Capability
  • Various
  • Additional Costs

Receive AI-powered instant home evaluations

Home Ready package includes

  • Decluttering your home
  • Renovation management
  • Interest-free renovation loan: borrow up to $50,000
  • Designer Staging

Home Listing services include

  • Professional photography & video tours, using modern drone technology
  • Full online and offline marketing exposure
  • Your Lifelong Advisor will get TOP Dollar for your home

Home Buying System

Searching for the perfect home?

  • Search System
  • Experience
  • My Match Listing
  • Exclusive Access To Properties
  • Full 360 Service
  • Real Estate Financial Plan


  • Patented A.I. Technology
  • 30+ Years
  • Includes top 10 listing catering just for you


  • Standard Search Capability
  • Various
  • Standard Search Capability
  • Released Same Time To Public

Phase 1

Fill in a few basic questions about your preferences

Phase 2

Based on your answers, My Match learns about your needs. My Match provides the Top 10 homes suitable for you from our database of 10,000+

Phase 3

Receive curated properties and exclusive properties that Match your criteria to your inbox

Phase 4

Your Lifelong Advisor provides you with boutique realty services to handle all things real estate

Integrated Services



Use our patented A.I. technology to find the most suitable mortgages for you!

  • 30+ Lenders
  • A.I. Tech
  • 0% Commission
  • $1.4B Funded
Find me the best mortgage!

Lifelong Investments Plan

We create a portfolio specific to your financial needs

  • Low & High Risk Investment
  • A.I. Tech
  • Tailored to Match Your Financial Goals
  • Free & No Commitment
Access your AI Plans!

Frequently asked questions

  • What makes Lifelong Investments different from the rest?

    Lifelong Investments uses technology to cut out all investment or management expenses on its realty investments. 100% of your investment gets secured with real estate that drives returns. We earn through community building as Lifelong Investments operates as a free Fund Promoter for our sister companies.

  • How to I set up my account?

    Visit to create your profile. Add an investment account, either registered or non-registered. E-sign your subscription documents and transfer form, if applicable. Once your account is funded or transferred in, your balance will appear in your dashboard.

  • What investment is suitable for me?

    The Income Fund has very low principal and return risk and offers flexibility with redemptions processed within 90 days and the option for monthly cash payments or compounded growth. The Fund is a great alternative to GICs, bonds or mutual funds. It’s very suitable for earning cash cheques through TFSA accounts, or projected long term earnings within registered plans such as RRSPs and RESPs.

    The Equity Fund also has low risk of principal loss, however lump sum returns fluctuate based on project performance. The Fund is locked in for at least 2 years and is a great alternative to purchasing investment properties or stocks directly. The Fund is suitable for tax deferred investments in non-registered accounts.

  • What companies are involved in Lifelong Investments offerings?

    Fund promoter - Lifelong Investments operates as a free fund promoter.

    Investments Administrator - Lifelong Capital Corporation license #12917 with the Financial Services Regulatory Authority.

    Builder Partner - Lifelong Developments

  • Are there fees for registered accounts (TFSA, RRSP, etc.) administration?

    Yes. Lifelong Investments uses a third party licensed trust administrator that charges an annual fee. As a welcome bonus, Lifelong Investments covers the initial annual fee and one-time share purchase fee.

  • What is the investment minimum?

    $25,000. This can come from new deposits from your bank account, or a transfer from existing investment accounts, or both.

  • Where can I track my investments progress?

    Investment updates, current balances, history and projected returns can be tracked in our dashboard portal. Visit to set up.

Lifelong Capital Corporation is mortgage brokerage (license #12917) and mortgage administrator (license #12977) licensed with the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario. Lifelong Developments Inc. is licensed as a registered building with the Home Construction Regulatory Authority (HCRA) with license # 62394

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