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Lifelong Investments provides exclusive realty investments that are typically reserved for the ultra wealthy.

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Using our A.I. technology, we have done something that has never been done before: We reduced investment expenses to zero


Expenses And Management Fees


Investment Secured With Real Estate


Annual Dividend Return since 2018

6+ Years

no missed payments or delinquencies


in Pipeline Value


Acres of land under ownership

Our Income Fund

Our flagship product allows you to diversify within private real estate to achieve financial freedom

  • Risk
  • Expected Return
  • Registered Account Eligible
  • Locked In
  • Tax
  • Investor type

Income Fund

  • Risk Low
  • Expected Return 9% compounded annually
  • Registered Account Eligible Yes
  • Locked In No, fully open
  • Tax Income
  • Investor type All investors
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Fund Performance

  • Total Return Since Inception in 2018:
    +67.71% (11.29% annualized return)
  • Annual Return by Year since Inception (DRIP)
    2019 2020 2021 2022 2023
    9% 9% 9% 9% 9%
  • Value Today (January 1, 2024) of $100 Invested at Fund Inception:
    $167.71 (11.29% annualized return)

Our Companies

Fund Promoter
We connect you with a direct investment

Our technology was developed to cut out the fat. For the first time ever, you will have zero management expense fees on your investment! Traditionally, private real estate expenses range from 5% up to 18%. With our $0 fee structure, 100% of your investment is asset secured and the full income is paid to you.

Investment Administrator
We process and administer the investment fund

Lifelong Capital Corporation #12977, licensed with the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario, underwrites to ensure the Builder has at least 25% stake in the communities for loss protection. As a Mortgage Investment Corporation, under the Income Tax Act Section 130.1, the investment is non-taxable at the corporate level. This ensures optimal returns for our investors.

Home Builder
Provides exclusive access to housing investments

Lifelong Developments retains all project risks, such as timelines and construction costs .In our Income Fund, Lifelong Developments delivers strong real estate returns to and has successfully built homes around the GTA. As a general contractor, Lifelong Developments manages over 30 trades to build quality communities.

Benefits of investing


Consistent Returns

Earn the contract return with zero investment fees

Asset Backed

Every dollar is secured against tangible real estate

Create Housing Supply

Provide housing in your community

Exclusive Access

Priority unit purchase and equity investments

Earnings example

A $100,000 investment will yield $687.50 monthly income, totaling $8,250 in the year. Or, can be reinvested at 9% for $109,000 at the end of Year 1, compounding to earn optimal returns.

Builder Sister Company


Your funds are secured against these 5 housing communities located in the Durham Region, one of the fastest growing regions in Canada. Over the next 10 years, we will build custom homes, townhomes, condominiums, rental apartments, senior livings and commercial units on these properties.


Treehouse Studios

Located steps to the Ontario Tech University and Durham College campus in North Oshawa. Treehouse Studio is designed to meet today’s student lifestyle, using the latest Nordic inspired space-saving design features including military style foldaway beds, our units will officially be one of the most affordable living spaces in entire GTA
  • LOCATION: 1664 Simcoe Street North, Oshawa
  • TYPE: Condominium
  • SIZE: 142 units
  • COMPLETION: 2026

Goodyear Village

Built in 1910, the Goodyear Tire Plant was the first outside USA. Soon afterwards, the downtown Village in Bowmanville was developed around the plant to house its workers. The historic site also helped in the war effort, producing heels and soles for soldiers during World War II. Closed in 2016, we purchased the plant to form our first master planned community. Minutes walk from Downtown Bowmanville, the site is also step to the new GO station, and a short drive from the 401.
  • LOCATION: Raynes Avenue, Bowmanville
  • TYPE: Mixed Use
  • SIZE: 39 acres

Courtice Crossings

The former site of dilapidated houses, we’re redeveloping this landmark intersection to create a small community of townhomes in the blossoming neighbourhood of Central Courtice. Complete with a private parkette, Courtice Crossings is ideal for both young families and independent seniors alike.
  • LOCATION: 1640-1648 Nash Road, Courtice
  • TYPE: Townhouse
  • SIZE: 21 units
  • COMPLETION: 2024

Fieldstone Manors

This unique concept with a multi storey building wrapped around a Fieldstone home built in 1837 that we recently converted into a day nursery. Whilst protecting and preserving this historically significant building, we will showcase this previously hidden gem by providing it with a complimentary companion. We’re taking a property that benefited one family at a time for the past 185 years to one that benefits over a hundred families while remaining a cultural asset for the city.
  • LOCATION: 1830 Rossland Road E, Whitby
  • TYPE: Mixed Use
  • SIZE: 0.8 acres

Custom Homes

Custom homes built with best in class building processes and materials
  • LOCATION: Various
  • TYPE: Residential
  • SIZE: 4,000 square foot +
  • COMPLETION: Ongoing

Lifelong Developments Commercial

Leveraging Lifelong Development’s attention to detail and passion for high quality, our Commercial Division strives to better our communities by providing much needed commercial real estate. Our Commercial Division focuses on mixed-use retail, rental apartments and healthcare including both medical retail and seniors living. The Commercial Division is the brainchild of our Parent, Lifelong Group, which contributes resources towards each Commercial project. This partnership ensures that all commercial endeavors are executed at the highest and best use for generations to come.
  • Mixed Use Retail
  • Healthcare and Seniors Living
  • Rental Apartments
  • High Quality Building Materials

Accounts that fit your goals

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Avoid taxes and pay them after you retire.

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Pay no tax on earnings within your account.

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Save money for your children’s education while lowering tax burden and taking advantage of government matching.

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If you’re 71 years and older and would like to convert your RRSP account.

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If you have a pension from a former employer but you’re not retired yet.

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Accounts with multiple owners, such as married couples and business partners.

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Frequently asked questions

  • What makes Lifelong Investments different from the rest?

    Lifelong Investments uses technology to cut out all investment or management expenses on its realty investments. 100% of your investment gets secured with real estate that drives returns. We earn through community building as Lifelong Investments operates as a free Fund Promoter for our sister companies.

  • How to I set up my account?

    You can click the blue ‘Join Now’ button at the top of this page which will take you to our investments page. Select the investment that best suits your objectives. Following the instructions that will be outlined, you can get your dashboard created and funded within minutes. You can also choose to do this alongside an advisor here.

  • What investment is suitable for me?

    The Income Fund has very low principal and return risk and offers flexibility with redemptions processed within 90 days and the option for monthly cash payments or compounded growth. The Fund is a great alternative to GICs, bonds or mutual funds. It’s very suitable for earning cash cheques through TFSA accounts, or projected long term earnings within registered plans such as RRSPs and RESPs.

    The Equity Fund also has low risk of principal loss, however lump sum returns fluctuate based on project performance. The Fund is locked in for at least 2 years and is a great alternative to purchasing investment properties or stocks directly. The Fund is suitable for tax deferred investments in non-registered accounts.

    Our advisors offer free suitability consultations to find out which plan works best for your objectives. You can schedule a time with them here

  • What companies are involved in Lifelong Investments offerings?

    Fund promoter - Lifelong Investments operates as a free fund promoter.

    Investments Administrator - Lifelong Capital Corporation #12917 with the Financial Services Regulatory Authority.

    Builder Partner - Lifelong Developments

  • Are there fees for registered accounts (TFSA, RRSP, etc.) administration?

    Yes and no. Lifelong Investments uses a third party licensed trust administrator that charges an annual fee. As a welcome bonus and part of our mission to have zero fees and expenses, Lifelong Investments covers the annual fees and one-time share purchase fee.

    As an investor you will never pay any fees associated with this investment.

  • What is the investment minimum?

    $25,000. This can come from new deposits from your bank account, or a transfer from existing investment accounts, or both.

  • Where can I track my investments progress?

    Investment updates, current balances, history and projected returns can be tracked in our Investor Portal. Visit to get started today.

Integrated Services



Lifelong Investments offers distinctive real estate investment opportunities traditionally reserved for high-net-worth individuals. Your investment is safeguarded against construction and development risks, with real-time monitoring facilitated through our advanced technological platform.
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Realty Plans AI

The best move is the one you plan ahead. Our investment plans are designed to grow your wealth or provide you with monthly income so you can achieve financial freedom. Whether you’re joining our Income Fund or partnering with us on construction projects, we have a plan for all individuals.
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Find A Home AI

We know and understand the rapidly changing real estate market, and our expertise and experience provides our clients with clarity to make the best possible decision. We are proud to say that our business has been built on referrals and repeat customers. We are here to work for you; to ensure your every goal is met.
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Integrated Services



The best move is the one you plan ahead. Our investment plans are designed to grow your wealth or provide you with monthly income so you can achieve financial freedom. Whether you’re joining our Income Fund or partnering with us on construction projects, we have a plan for all individuals.
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We know and understand the rapidly changing real estate market, and our expertise and experience provides our clients with clarity to make the best possible decision. We are proud to say that our business has been built on referrals and repeat customers. We are here to work for you; to ensure your every goal is met.
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Mortgages can be stressful. Our experts make it easy. Whether you apply online or stop by, you get a real person who cares about getting your best mortgage. At Lifelong Investments, we provide professional advice and guidance to help you get approved for the right mortgage and/or financing to suit your individual needs and lifestyle.
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Lifelong Capital Corporation is mortgage brokerage (license #12917) and mortgage administrator (license #12977) licensed with the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario. Lifelong Developments Inc. is licensed as a registered building with the Home Construction Regulatory Authority (HCRA) with license # 62394

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