Lifelong Investments Plan

We believe everyone should have a Realty Plan. Your plan will provide recommendations to achieve financial freedom, for free.

Real Estate Financial Plan

In 3 minutes, our A.I. technology creates a tailored plan for your financial needs


  • Investment - Should you buy a GIC or mutual fund or an investment property?
  • Realty - An automated home valuation report with recommendations based on your lifestyle and real data.
  • Mortgage - Our technology will generate an unbiased recommendation based on your situation.
  • Plan - Receive a free financial analysis and projection of your home .


  • Your Bank does not have access to private realty investments
  • Your Realtor will tell you to upsize instead of renovating
  • Your Mortgage Advisor will advise you to refinance
  • Your Bank doesn’t really help you plan your finances


  • Returns based on passive real estate investments
  • For homeowners, an automated home valuation report
  • Automated mortgage pre-approvals
  • Free financial statement for your home
Receive a tech-powered unbiased recommendation to make your best moves!

Start Your Real Estate Financial Plan TM

I am years old and My annual income is $

Lifelong Robo-Advisor

We can execute your recommendation, while you relax on the beach!

Our deep-rooted technology is trained to make optimized decisions in all market conditions


  • Access to Lifelong investments realty secured exclusive private investments
  • Our technology achieved what was never done before, eliminated all investor expenses!
  • Tax efficient investing with registered account and capital gains options
  • Exclusive access to pre-construction properties


  • Technology filters tens of thousands of listing to show you the top 10 you need to see at all times
  • Instant home market evaluations to best time your move
  • Full service listings to get you TOP DOLLAR that include free renovation management with interest-free loans
  • Exclusive access to off market properties


  • Technology reviews products offered by more than 30 top lenders to find your suitable mortgage
  • Mortgage approval in the cloud with Canada’s largest mortgage network
  • Tailored budgeting tools and resources that assist you with your financial goals
  • Exclusive access to proprietary funding programs

How Does it Work

Stage One

Recommendations on your current real estate situation.

By filling out the questionnaire, we will provide a free real estate financial plan.

Stage Two

Recommendations on your current financial situation.

By analyzing your financial data including banking transactions, saving accounts, registered accounts, etc. Our AI algorithms can learn more about you, and give you the best moves toward your financial freedom.

Your data is secured and protected by our encryption, even us cannot access your banking information.

Our technology helps you make your best move. You don’t need to copy others anymore.


  • High Income
  • Retired
  • First Time Home Buyer
  • Investor


  • Cash savings
  • Medium risk
  • No registered accounts
  • Desire to relocate
  • Live with family


  • Invest and rent
  • Sell and upsize
  • Downsize and rent
  • Refinance and invest
  • Invest

Why Lifelong Investments

Our mission is to put your home on autopilot so you can focus on enjoying life.

Our founders set out to help as many people plan, for free, forever. We built our technology to streamline our unbiased advice that is generally unavailable elsewhere.

Private real estate and financial planners are traditionally reserved for the ultra wealthy. Real estate and mortgage agents are biased to maximize their commissions.

Real estate and financial planning can significantly impact long-term wealth. Our comprehensive approach ensures personalized, unbiased guidance for everyone.

Lifelong Investments Plan. Better advice than your friend who moonlights as a part time Financial Planner.

Our founder saw the system was broken. Clients had no plan for what matters most, real estate. He set out to make a difference. Our technology was built to streamline our unbiased advice to provide unique insight. And we made a pledge to keep it free. Forever!

Lifelong Capital Corporation is mortgage brokerage (license #12917) and mortgage administrator (license #12977) licensed with the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario. Lifelong Developments Inc. is licensed as a registered building with the Home Construction Regulatory Authority (HCRA) with license # 62394

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