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76% of our nation’s wealth is wrapped up in to secured with real estate

It’s astonishing that the average person has no plan for what matters most, real estate.

Under mortgage approval rules, the average household is able to spend just over 50% of their post-tax income on mortgage, property taxes and heating costs. When factoring in utilities, maintenance, renovations, and gadgets, it’s safe to say we spend the bulk of our earnings on real estate.


Our mission is to provide free real estate financial plans to estimate your household wealth & a recommendation for financial freedom.

Whether you’re a first-time buyer or a real estate investor, Planulife’s plan is fully tailored to you.

Unbiased Advisors

Planulife will tell you

what no one else can.

Our technology provides an unbiased recommendation. Your banker doesn’t know where you live. Your realtor wants you to sell. Your mortgage broker wants you to pull out all your equity and take a vacation.

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The Best Move Is The One You Plan Ahead

View your household worth including the value of your home and real estate investments in one place. You can also view housing recommendations in your desired city.

Technology Driven

Our software relies on artificial intelligence to identify your best move.

Planulife’s recommendations are formulated by applying your details to our machine learning process that entails thousands of data points.

Unlimited Real Estate Financial Plans TM

Free. Forever.

We are the only providers of Real Estate Financial Plans. What matters to you most is our primary concern. Our financial planning software is completely free to use.