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Using our A.I. technology, we have done something that has never been done before:

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We offer all the help of a mortgage broker, without the commission. Simply put, our salaried mortgage advisors are rewarded based on your satisfaction. We're here to help you reach your goal and guide you through the complicated world of home financing.

Every mortgage professional knows the market's best rates every time they check their email. Only a few of them will give you the rate without making you work for it. Planulife is here to change the industry for this very reason. By using our cutting edge technology, we will provide you the best mortgage rate of the market.

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We learn about your realty goals and objectives and analyze thousands of current market data points.


We learn about your financial goals and project your current and future worth.


Our software evaluates thousands of current mortgage products being offered by over 30 top lenders to provide you with your top recommendations.


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Mortgages can be stressful. Our experts make it easy. Whether you apply online or stop by, you get a real person who cares about getting your best mortgage. At Planulife, we provide professional advice and guidance to help you get approved for the right mortgage and/or financing to suit your individual needs and lifestyle.


The best move is the one you plan ahead. Our financial planning technology provides an unbiased recommendation by evaluating your current situation against your ideal lifestyle. Your banker doesn’t know where you live. Your realtor wants you to sell. Your mortgage broker wants you to pull out all your equity and take a vacation. Achieve financial freedom with the objectivity of Planulife’s technology.


We know and understand the rapidly changing real estate market, and our expertise and experience provides our clients with clarity to make the best possible decision. We are proud to say that our business has been built on referrals and repeat customers. We are here to work for you; to ensure your every goal is met.


With all the investment options available to us today, only one has stood the test of time; Real Estate. All our investment plans are 100% backed by real estate and are designed to grow your wealth or provide you with monthly income. Whether you’re joining our Income Fund or partnering with us on construction projects, we have a pathway for all individuals.

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We launched our Resource Center with one goal: To guide you in your life's most important financial decision. Read & become a mortgage expert.

Winter vs. Spring in the GTA Housing Market

In Real Estate, timing is key. You may have the perfect house to sell, in a desirable location, but if you sell it at the wrong time, you may end up receiving tens or even hundreds of thousands of...

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Predictions for Canadian Real Estate In 2022!

We are witnessing one of the most unpredictable markets in the history of Canadian Real Estate. Given the importance to us all, we took the liberty in putting together our predictions to help us all...

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Planulife’s Community Redevelopment Fund vs Other Investments

The Planulife Community Redevelopment Fund (“Redevelopment Fund”) was created to provide our members with high yield income fund returns with minimal risk. With mortgage security across a pool of...

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Financial Calculators

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Investment Return Calculator

Calculate your projected earnings from investing in our income fund. Whether you choose our monthly cash option or our dividend reinvestment plan, there are aggressive returns waiting for you.

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Real Estate Financial Plan

Our financial planning technology provides an unbiased recommendation by evaluating your current situation against your ideal lifestyle. Use our free analysis tool to see options available to you.

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Portfolio Calculator

Diversification is a core principle for any seasoned investor. Our portfolio calculator allows you to adjust the weightage of your investments, giving you a clear understanding of the overall risk and returns of your portfolio in just a few clicks.

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